Building a better healthcare system…

Hi! We’re Cline Health. We are a patient-centered e-pharmacy that aims to be your first call for your prescription needs. Our technology empowers our in-house pharmacists to give high-quality online patient care and support while driving down the total cost of delivering care.

We place deliberate focus on exacting the skills of our dedicated team with the goal of helping patients get their medications quickly and affordably.

While designing Cline Health to address selected issues of accessibility to healthcare in the Third World, we saw an opporutnity to do more – a chance to contribute towards the fight against COVID-19. Thus, we partnered with friends to setup two testing laboratories in Nigeria including 02 Diagnostics.

What We Do

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Specialty Rx (Pharmacy)

We are reimagining the old pharmacy and completely rebuilding it into a pharmacy that optimises medication management for patients, physicians and insurers.

Online pharmacy

COVID-19 Screening

In collaboration with key institutional partners, we setup two testing centres. We support patients with COVID-19 testing at home and at our drive-through centres in Lekki and Ikeja.

Our Prescription Management Pharmacy

Endocrinology & Diabetology

Diabetes and thyroid disorders require significant changes. Let Cline take responsibility for your medications, insulin, devices and supplies.


We prescribe all medications for hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases including Amias, Amlodipine, Losartan, Lisinopril, Ramipril, and Xarelto.


We take good care of patients with conditions to do with the brain and nerves by taking charge of their medications so they worry less. They also have access to our neurologists for further support.


From kidney disease to kidney transplant, we work with nephrologists to ensure that patients receive their medications on time. We take this stress away from you.


The medications used for cancer treatment can be incredibly complex and that’s why we have a separate team dedicated to providing medicinal support. Contact us for more information.

Cline Health is . . .


Never wait in line. We’ll come to you.


We keep track so you don’t have to as much. 


We’re building healthcare that’s accessible and dependable.


We breakdown financial barriers to accessing healthcare.