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Pioneering Industry-wide change

We are paving the way for transformation in healthcare and pharmaceutical based care while creating a positive social impact by advancing quality and affordable patient care in emerging markets.

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Improving your access to affordable medications and ongoing chronic care. Cline is here to answer your questions and meet all your pharmacy needs.
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Eliminating the missed opportunities for Rx business owners to improve patient care and quality of life.
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Solving the problem of insufficient pharmacy and patient insights and lack of real-time data to drive impact and improve outcomes.


Changing Healthcare for the Better

We are accelerating public health impact by uniting, modernising and strengthening the fragmented and disconnected pharmacy channel so they can streamline pharmacy operations and serve the needs of their communities to their full potential. At the same time, we are directly working with patients to fulfil their prescriptions more affordably than ever.


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For Patients: Cline Rx

A full-service, digital pharmacy that handles your prescriptions without the hassle. We do all the work: automatic refills, free deliveries, insurance approvals, and more.


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For Providers: Cline Retail

When it comes to seamless weekly or monthly procurement, Cline Retail delivers. We eliminate wastage from expired drugs and free up your finances for other things.

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Providers & Government: Cline Smart

We aim to become the digital layer for the Rx supply chain by redefining and overcome the deficiencies of pen-and-paper processes so the focus is on providing patient care.

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Cline Smart

Modernising the supply chain

We are building Nigeria’s first easy-to-use, industry-compliant, and scalable mobile solution that will help to improve the efficiency of pharmacy business operations, heighten pharmacy education and improve patient adherence and satisfaction. Our goal is to help you focus on what matters the most – your patients.