Pioneering Patient-Centered Chronic Care Management

We place deliberate focus on helping chronic disease patients get their diagnostic and pharmaceutical needs met quickly and affordably.


Our Prescription Management

Endocrinology & Diabetology

Diabetes and thyroid disorders require significant changes. Let Cline take responsibility for your lab tests, medications, insulin, devices and supplies.


With your prescription, have your medications for hypertension and other heart diseases met. We deliver brands such as Amias, Amlodipine, Losartan, Lisinopril, Ramipril, and Xarelto.


We take good care of patients with conditions to do with the brain and nerves by taking charge of their medications so they worry less. They also have access to our neurologists for further support.


From kidney disease to kidney transplant, we work with nephrologists to ensure that patients receive their medications on time. We take this stress away from you.


The medications used for cancer treatment can be incredibly complex and that’s why we have a separate team dedicated to providing medicinal support. Contact us for more information.

Cline Health is . . .


Never wait in line. We’ll come to you.


We keep track so you don’t have to as much. 


We’re building healthcare that’s accessible and dependable.


We breakdown financial barriers to accessing healthcare.

medication delivery

For Patients

Monthly meds delivered

We are the most convenient way to get medications whenever you need them – to your door. Our team runs seven days a week, and works with your doctor and insurance to ensure you get the right thing with no delays


Same-day prescription delivery


Privately talk to or text our pharmacists


Manage all your medications and savings from your phone

Low prices

Since inception, we’ve saved our patients more on their medications, and will continue to do so. Contact us for more information.

Same-day delivery 

Before work, after work, in the morning, in the evening, or at your office. We mean it when we say the same day.

Chat with a pharmacist

Worried about side effects? Need answers? Chat with a pharmacist anytime. Save yourself the trip to a pharmacy

Clinical Diagnostics

A catalyst for a healthier community

Physician Comment

No more would your result look like an alien document with no meaning. Our specialists will always comment and sign off on them.

You Own Your Data

No more would your medical data be stuck elsewhere other than in your possession. 

Precision Medicine

With over 200 investigations to choose from by your physician, you get access to the most relevant and rarest investigations to ensure optimal treatment. 

We Can Come To You

We can come to you instead for your samples – at home, at work, wherever.  


“With Cline Health we have solved the issue and burden of having to deal with going into a pharmacy and the inconveniences from that.”

P. Thomas


“A lot has improved since using with Cline. I can have my necessary monthly checks done more affordably without worrying about finances as much.”

S. Ocheme

Hypertensive and diabetic patient

“Every month, I get the same tests done to manage my blood sugar optimally. Cline sorts out the insurance authorisations for all of this and all I do is come in, have it done, get my refill and leave.”


Diabetic patient